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'The Last of the Just' in Belgium

If you've ever wondered how Hitler happened, you have the beginnings of your answer in this video...


Washington's Grand Illusion: The Fiscal Cliff

No “deal” can save us from the reckless policy that will cripple our economy, destroy our currency, and slash our paper investments.

'Study' Claims Fox News Viewers Have Average IQ of 80

The institution admits its a fake, the study can't be published, and it's a four-year study sparked by the results of the recent election. Hm. Sounds plausible.


Simpson, Bowles Deride Party Leaders, POTUS for 'Betting Your Country'

The debt duo see progress but think we're too dangerously close to the cliff's edge.

The Namby-Pamby State

The marginal has become the central.

PJTV's Poliwood: Oliver Stone's Ahistorical History Tarnishes Showtime and CBS

New Curricula Will Substitute Government Manuals for Classic Literature

There is a price to be paid for developing incomplete citizens.

Egypt's Economic Breakdown Deepens the Crisis

Could Egypt ultimately become North Korea on the Nile?

All the President's Concubines

Hyde Park on Hudson: Bill Murray as FDR channeling Bill Clinton.

Mayan Apocalypse Good for Business

End-of-the-world scenario spurs economic activity worldwide.

Al-Qaeda Runs Free in Area the Size of Texas

Mali turned into a terrorist haven of plenty, the U.S. hopes for a diplomatic solution, and the UN predicts no intervention until next fall.

Sources: Gov. Nikki Haley to Appoint Henry McMaster to US Senate

Loaded with South Carolina political experience.

Fast and Furious: Post-Election, Golden Parachutes Deployed

Fired and demoted, but still free.

Arizona Bomber Had Citizenship Rejected by Homeland Security for 'Terrorism-Related Activity'

Congressman demands answers in case of Abdullatif Aldosary, who has been charged with bombing of Social Security office in Casa Grande, AZ, last Friday.

Reclaiming the Culture

My point is quite simple: Quit bitching about the culture, and start doing something that changes it.

Whither the Black Vote in 2016?

African Americans have truly come of age in national politics.

Doomsday Preppers Week 4: Fish and Firepower

Behold the .50 Beowulf, a cartridge yours truly has fired on multiple occasions both in the recommended semi-auto, and the absurdly entertaining full-auto...

Who Are the Best Conservative Columnists?

John Hawkins offers his 50 picks. I want your opinion to help narrow down my top 20.

No, It's Not the Same Sharia Provision as in the Old Egyptian Constitution

Muslim apologists believe that Morsi is a "moderate" and that the Muslim Brotherhood is a "largely secular" organization.

As Life Expectancy Increases Will the Elderly Become a Greater 'Burden on Society'?

Eighty really is the new 70...

CA Teachers' Union Releases Video Showing 'The Rich' Peeing on 'The Poor'


South African Stalinism: Was Nelson Mandela a Secret Communist?

The truth about the icon, and how his movement's roots threaten present-day South Africa.

The Confessions of a Confused Misfit

The "joys" of 21st century multicultural tribalism: Had I only changed my name to Thor Ragnar Hansson…

TUESDAY NEW RELEASES: Ke$ha’s Warrior and Hinder’s Freakshow Battle Good Taste

Plus: The Dark Knight Rises on DVD/Blu-Ray, Holiday releases control Billboard’s album chart, and PJ’s Holiday Gift Guide goes tailgating!

Gun Crazy

If Bob Costas wants to consult someone on domestic double murder without a gun, he need to look no further than his former broadcasting partner at NBC.

Going to War?

Wait, the president is risking war in the Middle East on the basis of "credible information" of WMDs? It's Deja Bush all over again!

Coming to Lame Duck Tomorrow: Controversial UN Disabilities Treaty

Opponents charge it would take away parental rights, mandate abortion coverage, hurt sovereignty, and clog a Senate that needs to worry about the fiscal cliff.

Will the GOP Let the MSM Back for the Primary Debates of 2016?

The Republicans certainly lived up to their Stupid Party epithet in 2012 by letting the MSM moderate their inter-party debates yet again.

The Roots of Our Economic Trouble

The unseen cost of big government.

Bob Costas, NBC Exploit Kansas City Chiefs Tragedy to Attack Americans' Constitutional Right of Self-Defense

Evil. Update: Ed Driscoll asks, "Why Does NBC’s Bob Costas Insist On Politicizing Cowboys-Eagles Games?"

The 7 Worst Asian-American Stereotypes

Need I mention William Hung?

White House Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett?

From cabinet secretaries to the White House team, expect some shuffling for Obama's second term.

The Santa Claus Democrats vs. St. Nicholas's Aristotelian Generosity

Reminder: Kris Kringle has a twice-checked list of the naughty and nice.

Harry Potter Is Better Than Star Wars and Star Trek

Objectively speaking, the wizards' movies deliver more consistent quality than the Jedis' and Klingons'. Sorry.

Hillary Clinton not a Lock for 2016 Run

The secretary of State will take some time off to mull over her future before deciding whether to run in 2016.

How Muslims Celebrated Islamophobia Awareness Month

In Norway, a Muslim politician, Khalid Haji Ahmed, wrote on Facebook: “Damn Jew whores, wish Hitler could come back and shower you some more.”

A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War

Badass military heroism: Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer's Into the Fire is this generation's To Hell and Back.

A Gangnam Style Apology for Getting Caught

The entire world treats the United States like a fool and a villain.

Now They Tell Us

The economy never really got better, and now it's getting worse.

Taking a Stroll with Evan Sayet through The Kindergarden of Eden

The conservative comedian's book is filled with deep thoughts and heavy belly laughs.

Fiscal Cliff: The 'Let It Burn' Lobby May Be on to Something

Should the GOP walk away from negotiations?

Clinton to Testify About Benghazi in Open Hearings

State Department's review of the deadly attack is expected to be released next week.

5 Ways the Fiscal Cliff Drama Could Play Out

The edge is near: 24 days out, the outcome is still very much up in the air.

MSM Awakes: Washington Post Finally Covers Justice Dept. Scandal, Resignation

Brought to your attention at PJ Media several days ago.

The Real Unemployment Rate: 14.4 Percent

Senate GOP number-crunches: nearly half million more Americans un- or underemployed since Obama took office.

Dictators and Double Standards

Why do so many intellectuals cozy up to dictators? Machiavelli, despite his reputation, knew better.

Western GOPs Exhort Congress to Take Back Regulatory Power

From the EPA using flawed science to activists forcing policy changes, federal agencies' power "has greatly accelerated to unprecedented levels."

5 Places to Visit in Israel (When It's Safe to Go Back): Part Two

From the heights of Masada to the depths of the Dead Sea, with a detour to southernmost resort town Eilat on the Red Sea.

Golden Spike Company: A Man Sells the Moon (PJ Media Exclusive)

Today, a new startup announces they plan to sell commercial flights to the Moon.

Hill Conservatives on DeMint: 'Disappointing to Lose his Strong Voice in the Senate'

South Carolina's other senator, though, can breathe a bit easier about holding on to his seat.

Perhaps It Is Still Just About Race

Enough voters may have still been obsessed with penance for America's past misdeeds.

How Hillary Clinton Explains the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

The criticisms she make all fall into the current, dominant, Western view that the world’s problems are caused by greedy, aggressive, un-empathetic white people who oppress everyone else.

Maryland State Police, FBI SWAT Teams Thwart ... Guy with a Few Guns

Police state.

The Media War Against the Mobile Web

No iPad for you! NeXT!

Bob Costas: It's Your Fault If You Misunderstood My Wise and Benevolent Soliloquy (That Somebody Else Wrote) About Guns

Tragedy troll stays stuck on stupid.

The UN's ITU and the Internet: A Cautionary Tale

At the moment, things aren't going so well for America and the friends of freedom.

How Western Civilization Lost It at the Movies

What five decades of hit movies say about the declining intelligence of both Hollywood and its ideal customer: the 17-year-old male.

No Mubarak-Style Condemnation for Morsi Power Grab from Washington

Embattled president is shielded from criticism as Obama "investing heavily in Morsi."

To What Lengths Did Someone Go to Scapegoat George Zimmerman?

A trick of the light.

The Justice Department’s Hurricane-Strength Misconduct

A federal judge orders an investigation of DOJ's "skullduggery" and "perfidy" during a Katrina shooting case.

The Best of All Possible Obamas

A complete disaster.